Annual conference – Aposento Alto

The Aposento Alto team

From April 6 to 10 the Aposento Alto team, consisting of 5 families from the picture above, gathered in Las Glorias, Mexico. There were others along as well, including the pastor who gives them counsel, and a member of the Friends of Aposento Alto board. Some family came, and others who came to help serve and assist to make the conference easier (helping with preparing food, washing clothes, etc). It was a blessed time together. Much was decided. It really was a new day, a new beginning, for the team.

A statement of vision/purpose for the team was chosen (on the About Aposento Alto page).

The statement of faith was updated and agreed upon (see the page on this website about the statement of faith).

Recognizing themselves as a ministry organization and not a different kind of community was important; deciding how they would receive new members; considering how they would operate to make decisions and to train disciples; and more. Below are pictures of each of the 5 families.

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