Quinceañeras for 2 Aposento Alto daughters

For Mexican girls, their 15th birthday is a big deal. It is chosen as the time to signal their growing into women, and is really important. For the two Aposento Alto families who recently had daughters come to this milestone and celebrate them, we can give thanks for the love and appreciation they showed to their daughters. Here are some video and pictures from América Zuñiga and Madaí Leal.

Training has started

The Aposento Alto team has been working for two days now training two mission worker candidate families. Many topics have been covered. Including: having a strong character (2 Peter 1:3-8), working in other cultures (and learning some about the peoples, places, and primary religion of central Asia (Islam)), working with people from other cultures, culture shock, and more.

Basiroa church building work

Work continues on the Basiroa project. Here’s a short video of some work where you can see the walls getting higher.