About Aposento Alto

Who is Aposento Alto?

Who is Aposento Alto? Their purpose statement is:

Aposento Alto is an organization of leaders of distinct affiliations and denominations that shares the same vision to disciple, train and send workers for the glory of God. 

The work of Aposento Alto involves training leaders, planting churches, training workers for cross-cultural mission (for mission in Mexico and internationally), and more.

With a passion for the great commission, the Aposento Alto team is committed to seeing God’s word preached and disciples made throughout the earth until Christ’s glorious return.  Aposento Alto wants to train leaders such as pastors and mission workers to help do God´s work both locally and internationally.  Aposento Alto wants to see God´s church planted for the glory of God.

To meet the team members and families, and see the full team picture, go to the Aposento Alto Team page. If you read Spanish, or don’t mind using a translator for the site, you can also go to their own website, aposentoaltomexico.com, to learn more.

Aposento Alto now has missions and church plants in various locations in four states in the Republic of Mexico. They are currently also allied with People International with the goal of raising up and sending out Mexican Nationals to Muslim people groups in Central Asia. See People International’s website to learn more, and you can read about Aposento Alto at their Spanish website: aposentoaltomexico.com

In the past they have also worked alongside Good News for the Circle of Silence, which is both a mission sending group, and focused on reaching central Mexico with the gospel. See their website to learn more: Buenas Nuevas. (This site is in Spanish).

Aposento Alto has also helped in the translation of the program Bible Pathways, which was initially developed by the Evangelical Free Church. “Sendas Biblicas” is a program to help pastors and other leaders learn to preach and teach the Bible using good interpretive methods.  Aposento Alto has offered this program in a number of places in Mexico in the past.

In the past Aposento Alto was called Operation FLOW (and before that FLOW International) headed by the Coult Family.

Rebecca Coult was serving in Mexico helping 5 Mexican families serve in their work (including the family of Fabian and Sarah who live in Texas at present with their children- Sarah is Rebecca’s daughter). Rebecca has stepped back from the ministry work in this season of her life to pursue her life in Kansas.

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