Become a LonG term mission worker from México

If you are interested in going as a long term mission worker to another part of the world, or within Mexico, Aposento Alto can help prepare you and connect you to a mission agency, or help place you in a location in Mexico for ministry.

Depending on your background, your training in the Bible, your previous mission training and mission experiences, gifts, and interests, this process can take anywhere from 6 months to a few years.

See also the tab for the Road Map to the mission field.

Contact Aposento Alto with this initial contact and information form to take the next step. Also be sure to read the tab on the statement of faith and principal of unity that Aposento Alto holds to (at the top here, or at the bottom of the page); you will need to be in agreement over this statement to become a mission worker sent by Aposento Alto.

pagina de nuestro declaración de fe

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