Mission Agency Ministry

Aposento Alto has recently taken on the responsibility to become a mission training and sending agency.

Ricardo Ramirez in Celaya, central Mexico, is heading up this part of the Aposento Alto work.

Aposento Alto will be opening an office for the missions training in Celaya. It is called CEMEC, which stands for Centro de Entrenamiento Misionero En Celaya (Center for Missionary Training in Celaya). They will offer modules for various missions related topics at that location. Some of the modules will be for those who are simply inquiring and want to learn more, or for pastors who want to be better informed, but the majority will be for those with a serious commitment to go the mission field.

Aposento Alto will receive, train (as needed by each candidate), and then send to a partnering ministry that is serving in another location in the world (such as central Asia or India). The partnering agency will serve as the oversight and leaders for the sent workers while they are in the country of mission. Aposento Alto will also be willing to train workers who wish to serve within Mexico .

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